In our breast enlargement Manhattan and Long Island surgical centers, we rarely, if ever, recommend that a young woman have breast implants right after leaving her teen years behind.

It has become such a trend in our society today to be “magazine” beautiful at such a young age. But how young is too young for a girl to have breast implants?

Women receive them in order to enhance their look and to boost their self-confidence, so when is it ok to say that you are at that right age to make such a big decision? Should teens get breast implants?

It’s The Law!

According to the FDA approvals of implants, silicone implants are allowed only for women 22 and up and saline implants can be given to women 18 years old and above.

Saline implants have no known risks for rupture and thus are considered more safe, while silicone implants are being studied on an ongoing basis for determining risks for rupture.

It is also known that a girl may still be growing up until 21 or 22 and may not need the implants she thinks she does, so limiting the options to 18 year olds gives them a chance to wait and see.

What we tell our teen patients…

The fact is that until a teen grows into her early twenties, she is most likely not finished maturing in breast size. So when you have a minor coming to you saying they want breast implants, you can’t help but weigh in on their motives.

Every woman that has come through our breast enlargement Manhattan and Long Island center has been through those tough twelve to 20 years. Thinking back, there were a lot of self-esteem issues and questioning of our own bodies. We all learned, though, that this inevitably comes with the territory of puberty.

Magazines, TV shows, movies; they all spit out the image of a well-rounded body and to a 16 year old, that’s something they want and they wanted it yesterday! With such a small amount of time they’ve spent in the world, in perspective of an 80-90 year life span, they can’t exactly fathom five to ten years down the road.

The mentality is that their life will be “ruined” if they can’t look perfect now; there is time to wait for nature to finish growing their breasts!

Age Can Better Equip You for Big Decisions

This reasoning of a minor is exactly why the FDA set the minimum age for breast implants at 18. It is still young, but it is at least an age when hopefully more mental maturity has set in and a girl can really begin to make body-altering decisions.

You May Have Your Own Opinion, but the Law is the Law

More and more it is being heard of that teen girls are asking for new breasts as a high school graduation present. Keeping young minors from making ill-motived decisions, however, is why the FDA has set age limitations in place.

Advice from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we have nothing but your best interest in mind when we follow these laws. If you would like to learn more about receiving breast implants, please contact us today!