The issue of male breast enlargement, a condition called gynecomastia, can occur during certain stages of a male’s life. The question arises, though, as to which of those stages is appropriate for a male patient to have man boob surgery in our gynecomastia New York centers?

There is fear, for men with gynecomastia, of falling outside of an age bracket. It is true that with every type of cosmetic surgery, there are general guidelines we follow in relation to a patient’s age.

However, most times, those guidelines apply to younger patients (minors) exclusively. Since many men with male breast enlargement are over the age of 50, it may be a relief to know that the majority of our male breast reduction patients are on the over 50 age range.

Too Young for Gynecomastia Surgery?

gynecomastia_teens-300x199Boys can start showing the signs of gynecomastia as early as the beginning of puberty, as it is caused by a hormone imbalance. Being 15 or 16 and experiencing the changes of gynecomastia as a teen is not uncommon but can be devastating.

In most cases, thankfully, the breasts will disappear within 2-3 years. For this reason, the minimum age limit for surgery at our gynecomastia NYC and Long Island centers is 18 unless a child is suffering from severe mental anguish as a result of the condition.

Normally, any person seeking cosmetic surgery of any type is restricted from receiving it until the age of 18. If the surgery is classified as being reconstructive or corrective, then the age pendulum may swing a bit depending on the case.

But as for gynecomastia, which technically is listed as a cosmetic surgery, the age limit is still 18 because of the issue of puberty. If a boy can wait until this age and the symptoms of his condition begin to disappear, then it will save him from having to go through surgery.

Too Old for Gynecomastia Surgery?

We’ve explored the minimum age limit, but what about a maximum age cap? As far is it goes, men well into their 70’s or even 80’s have sought after and successfully received surgical breast reduction for men. Our exclusive laser-assisted, local anesthesia techniques make man boob surgery especially safe for older patients.

The symptoms of gynecomastia may not appear until a man is crossing into middle age or older so it is crucial that this surgery be available to them. As long as the man is in good health, man boob surgery can proceed without a hitch.

Age is Hardly a Factor

Living with gynecomastia is tough but worrying about if you’re too young or too old to have corrective surgery should not be an added issue on top of that. The bottom line is, as long as you are over 18 (exceptions made for mental anguish reasons) and in good health, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you would like to learn more about getting rid of man boobs, please feel free to contact us at our gynecomastia New York cosmetic surgery centers in NYC and Long Island.