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As if going through a traumatic car crash or similar accident isn’t bad enough, some people have to struggle to get their medical insurance to provide the coverage they deserve.

Though cosmetic surgery is becoming more widespread and the stigma surrounding it is fading, insurance companies are still dragging their heels on paying for these types of surgeries–even when the need for them is clearly warranted.

In Colorado, for example, one woman is finding that getting the coverage she needs for breast reconstruction has quickly become a long struggle.

The Accident That Changed Her Life

In June of 2013, a woman in Colorado (who wishes to remain anonymous) was involved in a car crash that ruptured her breast implant, causing aesthetic issues. An implant rupture can cause health problems as well, as many implants are made of silicone gel (which should not be leaking into the body) or saline implants (which can harbor mold and bacteria).

This woman naturally wanted to get treatment for the problem that was caused by the accident, which was still considered plastic surgery, even for a ruptured implant.

Unclear Coverage

It took the woman’s insurance company six months to confirm whether she got medical coverage at all from her policy ($5,000 worth for “reasonable and necessary” procedures), and she is still struggling to find out whether her breast reconstruction will be covered by this sum.

There is no law addressing coverage of plastic surgery costs in a case like this, but it is clear that the injury to the woman’s breast should be repaired as soon as possible.

Months-Long Struggles

Even now, the victim of the accident isn’t sure whether she can get her implant replacement covered. The insurance company is suggesting she have the procedure, then submit for reimbursement. For the woman, obviously, the whole ordeal has been frustrating and upsetting.

“The accident was bad enough and later on, a few months later, to look in the mirror and part of you is gone. It’s like, this is something that I should be able to have fixed,” the woman told 7NEWS.

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