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It’s not uncommon these days for people to travel to our offices for rhinoplasty in NYC or Long Island, whether it be from out of town, out of state or even from outside the country.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we have seen an increase in the trend of patients who travel in order to undergo a nose job in New York from our specialists on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

Why Travel for a Nose Job in New York?

Patients may opt to travel for their surgery for a number of reasons. Finding a plastic surgeon whom you feel comfortable with and confident about may be reason enough; however, for some patients, particularly those with more complicated situations, other factors may come into play.

If your rhinoplasty is a more difficult one or if you need to address a specific issue, you may want to find a surgeon who has special training and expertise in that issue.

For instance, some surgeons specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty for patients of African American, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or other ethnic descent.

These surgeons will be able to address specific concerns and issues that ethnic patients may have, such as maintaining their ethnic identity while improving their nasal appearance and function.

Looking for Revision Rhinoplasty in NYC?

Some surgeons specialize in revision rhinoplasty for improving complications resulting from primary rhinoplasty surgery. If you have those or other issues such as a deviated septum or breathing concerns, again, you may need a specialist such as those on our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team. They treats patients dealing with any nose-related issue or concern, including revision rhinoplasty.

For some patients, the specialist or surgeon of their choosing may not be near them and as a result they may need to travel. Our rhinoplasty NY specialists on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team are highly-qualified and have years of experience.

Our team provides beautiful, natural, fully-functioning rhinoplasty results. We also have expertise with complicated rhinoplasty cases. As a result, many patients travel to see us from other states and even from other countries.

Take Care When Traveling for Rhinoplasty in NYC or Long Island

If you are interested in traveling to the rhinoplasty NY offices of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery to have your nasal surgery with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, we can help.

Our office staff will be happy to assist with your travel plans and can even provide recommendations for nearby accommodations and transportation to and from our surgical center. You will be provided with guidelines on how long you should stay in town and when you can return home.

To learn more about rhinoplasty in NYC or Long Island, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today.