Many women shave their pubic hair. You may do it regularly. What many women do not know is that the medical professionals do not recommend it. Understanding the reasons can save you a lot of grief.


Why Shaving Pubic Hair Is Not Recommended Why Shaving Pubic Hair Is Not Recommended

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Pubic hair often grows in many different directions. A safe, effective way to shave is in the direction of the hair growth. It reduces irritation, and prevents ingrown hairs. This is not easily done with pubic hair, which can cause a lot of pain for women.

Removes Natural Protection

Pubic hair grows on the outside of the labia for a reason. It’s to shield it from bacteria. Since many women have started to shave all of their pubic hair, they end up taking away their body’s natural protection.

Provides Comfort

You may not have realized it, but pubic hair ensures you’re comfortable when you sit down. You might have noticed that after shaving all of your hair down there that it doesn’t feel quite right when you sit on a bike seat or on some chairs. There’s a reason for that; you’ve lost the cushion pubic hair provides.

Causes More Discomfort When Hair Grows Back

Stubble can be highly uncomfortable. It’s extremely itchy and some women experience a lot of irritation.

Increases Risk of Genital Warts

As mentioned above about shielding your genitals from bacteria, shaving your pubic hair can increase your chances of contracting genital warts. Genital warts are transmitted through skin to skin contact. With the hair in between your skin and someone else’s, you are lowering your chances of getting them.

Lowers the Quality of Your Sex Life

Pubic hair traps Sexual secretions (pheromones). It’s what attracts the opposite sex.  Without any hair down there, the secretions don’t have anywhere to go, which can lower the quality of your sex life.

Pubic hair also protects against friction during sex. Skin rubbing against skin can cause irritation decreasing sexual satisfaction.

Reveals Imperfections

No one’s vagina is perfect. Pubic hair hides some of the imperfections that many women are concerned about, which can boost confidence in the bedroom.

For women who are unable to hide imperfections, a labiaplasty may help. Our experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons are experienced in labiaplasties to improve the look of your vagina. Free consultations are available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM and until 6 PM on Saturdays. Just call one of our two offices in Manhattan (212-206-0023) and Commack, Long Island (631-499-1831).

What You Can Do

If you just can’t allow your pubic hair to grow freely, consider trimming it rather than shaving it. Trimming will allow you to still take advantage of all the benefits of pubic hair, and still look tidy down there.

We hope this has been helpful to you. While we know pubic hair can be fun to design, it’s better to leave it as natural as possible.