Does bullying sometimes lead to cosmetic surgery?| NYC & Long Island

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Bullying is no laughing matter. It causes deep emotional wounds and a lifetime of pain. Long after the bullies are quieted (or removed from the person’s life), the taunting jeers and cruel comments linger.

But does bullying lead victims to seek out cosmetic surgery in some cases? The answer may surprise you.


Kylie Jenner: “Serious Insecurities”

In a story published on, a source close to Kylie exclusively told them that the bullying she endured “scarred her emotionally and gave her serious insecurities.”

At just 17 years old, Kylie would have had a hard enough time feeling comfortable in her own skin without adding the pressure of being in the public eye for most of her childhood.

In several recent Snapchat videos, Kylie shared what her life has been like at the hands of bullies: “I’ve been bullied since I’ve been nine – from the whole world, it feels like sometimes. I think I’ve done a good job at handing all this, but there’s bullies everywhere. So this is just a little late Snapchat to tell whoever has their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours and to never change.”



Men With Gynecomastia: Bullied Mercilessly

Aside from being in the spotlight 24/7, another situation that can lead to bullying is male breast enlargement. Though funny names exist for this medical condition (moobs, man boobs, etc.), gynecomastia is no laughing matter.

Teens and young men are most susceptible to developing this condition and to being “found out”, despite massive efforts to hide their chest from their peers. The psychological pain that gyno causes can bring a young man to his knees in despair.


Looking for a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon in NYC or Long Island?

The good news is that counseling with a professional can help heal the emotional scars from bullying. For physical issues such as gynecomastia, micromastia, gigantomastia, or facial deformities, cosmetic surgery is a viable option.

Your plastic surgeon should always discuss and address the emotional side of why you’re seeking surgery. They need to understand your motives and make a professional decision about whether that is the ideal time for surgery to take place.

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