If you’re looking for highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in NYC or Long Island, you’re likely finding them through an online source of some kind.

Whether it is an online review site, a search using Google, or on social media…you’re bombarded with many names and reasons why they think you should choose them. One of the major qualifiers for choosing a superb plastic surgery practice is whether or not they are accredited. Read on to get more information on how to choose the best center.


AAAHC Accreditation Means Superior Quality & Safety

Receiving approval from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. means that the surgical room has met the stringent standards for outpatient surgery that are required by this organization.

With safety of the patient a top concern, the AAAHC requires an application process from the surgical facility along with a two-day evaluation process from medical professional experts (peer-based accreditation).


consultAccreditation ensures that these benchmarks are met:

  1. Equipment is functional, up to date on its inspection/maintenance schedule, and safe for use.
  2. Surgical supplies are up to date and in stock, used properly, and to quality standards required by the AAAHC.
  3. Staff & doctors have procedures in place that follow the medical board’s standards for that state.
  4. Surveying of the center’s processes through an exhaustive consultation and educational process.
  5. Surgical suites are maintained to sterile standards, sterilization of equipment is done properly, post-op clean up procedures are performed properly.
  6. All doctors and staff have the necessary qualifications, degrees, and experience to perform their duties.


Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York is AAAHC Accredited!

Aside from going through the process of getting accredited by the AAAHC, we also maintain a staff of highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons that have additional certifications above and beyond what is minimally necessary to meet the requirements of the law.

As of this writing, two of our New York surgeons are Board Certified in both plastic surgery and ear, nose, and throat surgery. Our other surgeons have years of experience with specialized training in the specific cosmetic procedures they specialize in.

This ensures that patients are not only being kept safe while having surgery, but that they will have fewer complications post-operatively, and will experience amazing results after healing.

Your safety, healthy recovery, and stunning post-op results are our goal! Come in and see us today for a free consultation with one of our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

Call us in Manhattan, NYC at (212) 206-0023 or in Commack, Long Island at (631) 499-1831




*The surgeon’s qualifications described in this post may not accurately reflect who we have on staff currently. Please visit our “About the Doctors” page or call our office for specific information about our surgical staff.