5 Reasons Why Breast Reduction Surgery May Be Necessary. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

A large bust may be appealing to some, but for others it’s a hassle, or even a pain…literally. Many women seek breast reduction surgery to reduce the size and volume of their breasts. This life-changing procedure can result in health benefits. Here are five ways to know if surgery is something you should consider.

Back Pain

5 Reasons Why Breast Reduction Surgery May Be Necessary. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Back pain is an uncomfortable distraction, so this is one of the most popular reasons why reduction surgery is done. Big busts may be appealing to look at, but for some women it just means excruciating back pain. Oversized breasts can feel like the equivalent of carrying up to 6-pound dumbbells all day, every day on your chest. This can result in extreme discomfort in the upper back, neck, and shoulders.


Most women with large bosoms can relate to this. There’s nothing worse than feeling pain while working out. You’re really determined to stay active, but your breasts are bouncing all over the place. This added extra weight is disrupting, painful and embarrassing. To make matters worse, sports bras usually don’t help much.

Shoulder Indentations

The only women that are familiar with this are those with large chests. You can tell your breasts are large when you get those painful grooves on your shoulders where your bra straps are located. This is proof that your bra is holding up heavy weight.

The larger your bust, the more the straps have to work to hold them up. This causes red marks and pain. The more pressure the straps endure, the deeper the mark and the worse it feels. If the strap is thin, it’s even worse. In extreme cases, straps can press into a nerve in the shoulders, causing a tingling sensation in the arm.

Expensive Quality Bras

The bigger your bosom, the more money you will spend on bras that will actually provide support and proper fit. It’s even more difficult to find a quality sports bra. Just getting the sports bra on can make you feel like a contortionist; either the straps don’t fit correctly on your shoulders/back or the padding is substandard.

Therefore, trying to find a quality bra means looking through countless catalogs or going to a special store, which can cost lots of money.

Poor Posture

Large breasts can be so heavy that they can, and oftentimes do, affect your posture. Most women find themselves constantly bending over. Having too many pounds of breast tissue pulling down on your chest will cause anyone to hunch over. You can try to sit up and keep your back straight, but it’s often difficult to do that because of the sheer weight.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Manhattan and Long Island

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