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Feminization surgery is a series of procedures that some transgender people consider as they transition from male to female. The purpose is to help them look more like a female and to have new-found confidence about their appearance.

Caitlyn Jenner recently revealed her new appearance in Vanity Fair magazine. Of course, the cover shot was leaked and quickly went viral.

In a June 8, 2015 insider report on ExtraTV.com, Caitlyn’s plastic surgeons (Dr. Harrison H. Lee and Dr. Gary J. Alter) have come forward to say that they were honored to have been chosen by Caitlyn and are “beyond pleased” with her results.


Feminization Surgery for the Body

When someone is transitioning from male to female, there are specific areas of the body that may need alteration in order to look more feminine. Since women have different waist-to-hip proportions, liposuction is often a procedure of choice.

Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation surgery are also very popular choices. These combined procedures allow for the body to take on a much more feminine shape.


Facial Feminization Surgery

The facial differences between men and women can be very prominent, depending upon the person. Areas such as the brow bone, jawline, chin, eyelids, lips, and nose are all specific areas that a facial plastic surgeon can alter to make a person’s appearance more feminine.

In Caitlyn’s case, she appears to have had changes made to her brow bone and jaw line, lip plumping, cheek and chin implants, and rhinoplasty (nose job). These changes have made a dramatic difference in her appearance as compared to when she was Bruce Jenner. Her plastic surgeons won’t confirm the exact procedures she’s had.

Be sure to catch Caitlyn in her new 8-part series on E! called “I Am Cait” which documents her journey from Bruce to Caitlyn starting on July 26.


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