What kind of doctor has the right to perform liposuction or male breast reduction?

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Do you know which doctors are qualified to perform certain cosmetic procedures? It’s a debate that has sparked outrage between medical doctors, OB/GYNs, dentists, and the plastic surgeon community.

Why is this such a hotly-debated topic? Because everybody wants a piece of the cosmetic surgery pie. Unfortunately, patients get caught in the middle, unable to decipher the differences in what “highly-qualified” actually means.


Cosmetic Surgeon Versus Plastic Surgeon

A cosmetic surgeon is a medical doctor who has been specially trained to perform specific cosmetic procedures. This specialized training and experience qualifies them to perform such procedures as injectable filler sand wrinkle relaxers, tummy tuck, liposuction, and gynecomastia surgery.

However, some in the plastic surgeon community are outraged that other specialties are being allowed to perform procedures that once were typically reserved for them.

A plastic surgeon that is board certified has a wide range of skills in performing aesthetic surgery on the face and body. When they receive their board certification, they have reached the highest validation of their skills.

A cosmetic surgeon, however, can receive the same specialized training to do tummy tuck surgery for example, and perform just as many procedures on patients, yet still not receive the approval from the plastic surgeon community as a highly-qualified option for patients.

Who Gets Your Vote?

The push and pull between medical doctors and plastic surgeons is not likely to resolve anytime soon. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) ran a campaign in 2011 warning patients to “Do Your Homework” and not to choose anyone other than board certified plastic surgeons.

When the campaign hit the media, cosmetic surgeons and medical doctors alike were outraged. Some felt it hurt their practice because it took potential patients away from them.

In a great example of this very conundrum is the fact that Italian gynecologist Giorgio Fischer, MD was the inventor of liposuction and yet by the standards of their campaign, ASPS insists that only a board certified plastic surgeon should be performing liposuction today.

Another example is the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team. We have many years of experience in facial surgery as well as body procedures and liposuction.


Make the Right Choice for You

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