You’ve hit your desired number on the scale. You’re excited about that, but then, you look in the mirror. Wait a minute! Why don’t you look the way you thought you would?

If you feel this way, don’t worry; you’re not alone. A lot of people lose the weight, but are surprised by the end result.

Rolls on the tummy or loose skin can be left over. Thighs may not be as slim as you had imagined, or your arms aren’t any less flabby than they were before your diet.

This is normal.

Weight loss can’t be targeted toward certain spots. Where you lose weight has a lot to do with your genetics. Some people drop weight quickly in the abdominal area, while others drop it in the legs first and then maybe the abdominal area. For some people, they simply cannot lose the weight in the specific area they desire.

Exercise does help. However, it’s not a surefire way to rid the body of the fat and loose skin in a particular area. Some areas are stubborn, such as the abdominal area.

Plastic Surgery in Long Island and New York, NY

When You’ve Achieved Weight Loss But You’re Still Not Happy Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

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So, what do you do when you’ve achieved weight loss, but you’re still not happy? You can contact one of the experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

We offer many plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck that can help you achieve the body you want after you’ve lost weight. For example, we offer SmartLipo™. This procedure can tighten areas of your body that are unable to be tightened with exercise alone.

Laser liposuction does not remove a large amount of excess fat, rather it removes fat under the skin (plus tightens it!) to ensure you can lose those remaining stubborn inches.

Many people choose Smartlipo™ because it is minimally invasive and only requires local anesthesia. The downtime isn’t long, so most people can get back to work and school without much interruption.

If you’re interested in learning more about Smartlipo™ and what it can do for you, contact us at our Manhattan or Commack, Long Island offices. Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons can provide a free consultation to help you decide if it’s the right procedure to help you finally achieve the body you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

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