When Weight Lifting Doesn’t Give You the Body You Want. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.
When Weight Lifting Doesn’t Give You the Body You Want. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Muscles can be a large part of a man’s identity. Many men believe large muscles make them look powerful, and so, they feel powerful. This increases their confidence, which can help them in many areas of their life such as in their career and relationships.

This sense of power isn’t something that men have fabricated about themselves. In fact, many studies have revealed that women prefer men who are built and toned. Society has led women to feel this way, and has also led men to believe that muscles and money equal success.

Francisco Rosas is a reader of The Guardian who was interviewed for an online article published on May 6, 2016. He says, “Unfortunately, being a successful man in the modern world means earning a lot and looking good. Every day we are bombarded with adverts and images of the “perfect man,” who can do whatever he wants because he has money and muscles.”

Achieving the Muscles

Unfortunately, some men have an extremely difficult time achieving the muscles they desire. Genetics play a big role in the likelihood that a man is able to develop muscles naturally. With these limits on how muscular they can become, their ego and self-esteem can suffer.

The good news is that with personal training and dietary changes, bigger muscles can usually be achieved, particularly in the calf and chest. Calf and chest muscles can be targeted to build up the muscle tissue, which can boost a man’s appearance in those areas. Always speak to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

Another option for getting the look of enhanced muscles in the buttocks is to have a fat transfer – this involves transferring fat from another area of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen. This procedure is possible if the patient has enough fat to harvest from. Only a cosmetic or plastic surgeon can tell you if you have enough fat to complete this procedure.

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