Many people started the New Year with Resolutions that included losing inches off their waist. Some of these people don’t necessarily want to lose weight. Instead, they want to cut inches so their mid-section looks leaner. The problem is that losing inches from the waist isn’t easy. The abdominal area is notoriously hard to slim down.

To help combat this, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have found a surgical solution. Liposuction and laser lipo have helped thousands of people achieve their goals. Learn more about these solutions and how they can help you get the figure you want.

Types of Liposuction and What It Can Do for You

When the measuring tape refuses to budge. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in NYC and Long Island.

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At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we offer two types of liposuction:

  1. Tumescent
  2. SmartLipo™ Laser

Patients often decide on one or the other of these procedures after speaking to our cosmetic and plastic surgeons during their free consultation. They both remove fat from just about any area of the body, including the abdomen.

Unfortunately, many people confuse these procedures with instant weight loss. You will not lose pounds with tumescent liposuction or Smartlipo. You will likely only lose a few ounces.

The goal of these types of liposuction is to remove fat from an area in order to remove inches. People can leave our surgical center with a significant decrease in inches around the waist. How many inches depends on your body composition (how much fat you have).

Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons will always recommend what is best for your health and what will achieve your aesthetic goals.

Keeping the Inches Off

After removing inches from your waist, we advise continuing your healthy lifestyle. Those inches can come back if you don’t eat well and exercise. Many of our patients have come back for another round of liposuction for this reason, and as much as we are happy we have this option, it’s best to refrain from doing it repeatedly due to scar tissue that can form in the treated areas deep under the skin.

A Boost of Motivation Starts Here

Many patients see us when they want to boost their motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. When they see the body they’ve always wanted, they are much more proactive about keeping it. Many of these people find it much easier to keep the inches off than to get the inches off, so our procedure is ideal for many of them.

If you are looking for a way to get yourself ready to live a healthy, active lifestyle and improving the shape of your body, we’re here for you. Give us a call today at our Manhattan or Commack, Long Island office. We schedule free consultations Monday through Saturday with evening appointments as well.

We look forward to helping you achieve the look you want for 2016!

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