When It’s Okay to Gift Plastic Surgery
When Its Okay to Give Plastic Surgery as a Gift | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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Many people come to our New York plastic and cosmetic surgery offices seeking to learn how they can gift a procedure to someone they love. While many times, it’s perfectly okay to do this, there are many situations in which it is inadvisable.

The following are some of the situations in which it’s okay to give it as a gift.

Can’t Afford It

If you have a loved one who doesn’t have the money to afford plastic or cosmetic surgery, it is okay to gift them the procedure they seek. Usually, these people have already decided it is what they want and have met with a surgeon for a consultation. The only thing that stands in their way is being able to afford it. This would be a much-appreciated gift!

Doesn’t Want to Pay for It

Your loved one has talked about it. He or she has already gone to a consultation. They only thing that stops the person from following through is paying for it. It can be distressing to take that much money out of a savings account or to take out a loan. Giving the person the money for the procedure might be appropriate in this situation.

Has Voiced the Desire for Plastic Surgery

Some people just dream about having plastic or cosmetic surgery. They may talk about it a lot, research it, and maybe even have gone to a consultation. It’s just something they don’t follow through with for one reason or another. Gifting the procedure they are interested in gives them the means to do it, which often makes the final decision easier.

How to Give the Gift

The best way to give this kind of gift is to talk to the person before investing your money. You may think it’s because your loved one can’t afford it or doesn’t want to pay for it, but it could be that he or she secretly doesn’t want to go through with it. Letting the person know you want to do this will reveal whether or not you should move forward.

Accompany your loved one to a consultation and other appointments. Support is a gift in itself. You will be adding even more thought to the gift you’re giving by being by their side every step of the way.

What NEVER to Do

Don’t ever surprise someone with a gift of plastic or cosmetic surgery. It could send the message you believe the person needs it. It could place undue pressure on a person who doesn’t want to have it done. Plastic or cosmetic surgery needs to be completely voluntary. If not, it won’t be a good experience, which could end up ruining your relationship and their self-esteem.

Contact us today for more information about giving plastic or cosmetic surgery as a gift. We offer free consultations Monday through Friday with evening appointments available. Saturdays are available as well.

We would love to help you make someone’s dream a reality with the gift of beauty and confidence.