Although silicone was taken off the market years ago and today it still is not approved by the FDA for cosmetic injectable purposes, there are unqualified injectors who still offer it and women are still paying dearly to have injections of it.

silicone injections - whatever happened to them?Silicone injections first appeared in the 1950s for breast augmentation and were very popular, with more than an estimated 50,000 treated women. Unfortunately, silicone is permanent and causes deformities from hardening and granulomas.

Surgery is the only way to reverse the damage. You may have read that Lisa Rinna had surgery to improve her lips, which she had injected with silicone in the 1980s. And you surely have seen the beautiful Priscilla Presley before and after injections of silicone.

Black market silicone is usually not medical grade, and is still being used to augment anything from lips to buttocks. We caution you to inform all your friends if the discussion turns to fillers for wrinkles that silicone is not an FDA approved filler.

There are many other choices— meet our injector, James Christian, RPA-C, who injects dermal fillers here in our Long Island and NYC offices. Call us today and enjoy the benefits of an FDA approved wrinkle filler.

Another option are fat injections to the face using your own fat, which is done by our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

We wish all of you a wonderful, healthy and prosperous year!

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