Spring is when laser liposuction cases really “blossom” in our New York plastic surgery centers. Summer is fast approaching and April & May are the ideal time for patients to consider getting their body ready to look great on the beach, at the pool, and on vacation.

But jumping into any cosmetic procedure is a bad idea without first doing proper research. Here’s what you should know before getting liposuction.

Liposuction Is Not A Weight Loss Solution

© KostaKostov - Fotolia.com

© KostaKostov – Fotolia.com

Yes it’s true that laser liposuction, by nature, removes fat from the body and you’ll lose some weight. However, understand that this weight will be in inches, not pounds.

High volume liposuction is extremely dangerous and we do not perform it on patients. In our ideal liposuction patients, we look for several things:

  • Within 25 pounds of ideal body weight
  • At a stable weight for 3-6 months
  • Living a healthy lifestyle (nutritious diet & regular exercise)
  • Have areas that haven’t responded to diet & exercise
  • A positive & realistic outlook on final results

You can expect to lose several inches from the treated areas, reshaping bulges and lumps into flatter, smoother surfaces. Clothes will fit better, look better, and you’ll feel more confident in anything you wear (or in nothing at all!).

Realistic View Of Life After Laser Liposuction

After treatment, you’ll be sore for a week or more. The laser is very gentle on the body, however, and recovery from this type of liposuction treatment is much faster than traditional lipo.

Your doctor will instruct you to wear a compression garment for several weeks after surgery. You will need to follow those post op instructions precisely. The garment allows the skin to tighten up and speeds healing by keeping excessive fluids from building up.

Fat cells are permanently and completely removed from the treated areas but you will still need to take measures to maintain your results. This is because the plastic surgeon will obviously leave you with some fat in the treated areas to give you a beautiful shape.

If you gain weight after treatment, the fat cells that remain will get bigger (just like any fat cell in your body will do if you gain weight). Therefore, it’s important to remember to keep your weight gain to a minimum and to continue with a healthy diet & regular exercise.

The bottom line is that laser liposuction is a great solution for healthy individuals that just need a little help with getting stubborn areas of fat to go away.

*Note that smokers do not qualify for cosmetic surgery because the use of nicotine prevents the skin from healing properly.

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