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What Size Breast Implants Should You Get by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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One of the most popular questions we receive is, “What size breast implants should I get?” Breast implants add to the existing tissue you already have, which means you can end up with a significant boost in size.

Determining what sized implants you should get depends on what you want from your breast augmentation.

Decide What You Believe Looks Attractive

Every person is different. Some people believe a D cup is too big, while someone else may think it’s too small. As you try to decide what you would like for your enhanced breast size, consider what you believe is just right.

Consider your current cup size when you do this. If you are a C cup and think a D cup would be perfect for you, all you have to tell the plastic surgeon is that you want to go up one more size.

There are gel implant sizers that you can try on in our office that will help you see what you’ll look like one, two, or even three sizes larger. Bring a sports bra with you to allow for the implant sizer to be tried on in our office.

Being Conservative

Something to consider when trying deciding on size is to ask yourself how conservative you are. If you believe bigger breasts will make you feel more confident, you will likely be happier with the larger size.

However, if you are more likely to cover your chest and do not want people to notice that your breasts will be larger, you might want to go with a smaller size increase.

Loved Ones’ Opinions

The only opinion that matters is yours, but for some people, their spouse, family and friends can help make the decision by sharing their opinions. You may want to try this if you’re having a difficult time deciding on how big you should go. You can use their comments to help you make your decision. However, please remember that it’s what will make YOU happy that matters most.

Appearance in Clothing

Breast augmentation with implants can significantly improve the way you look in some clothes. If the clothes you currently own are snug around your chest, you will likely find that your breasts will be much more visible after the surgery. You may need to consider a larger blouse size.

If you have clothing that seems to be loose around the chest area, larger sized breasts will fill out that area much better.

When you come in to try out different sizers, bring in some of the clothes you’re hoping will fit better when you have your implants. This way you will have a sneak peek of what you may look like afterwards.

Our breast enhancement surgeons can help you decide on the ideal size. They will do measurements, and have you try on sizers so you will have a better idea of how you might look after surgery. Give us a call today for more information on breast enlargement using implants.

P.S. We also offer fat transfer to the breasts for patients looking for an all natural breast augmentation.