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In an April 26, 2015 article in The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Patrick J. Byrne goes into depth about his ideas of the way plastic surgery will look like in the future.

He springs forward to 30 years from now and to what kinds of procedures we will have available.

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Tissue Engineering

In what is being referred to as “personalized tissue engineering”, laboratories are going to be able to reconstruct bodily structures such as skin, external ears, and even an entire trachea to give patients a second chance at having a normal life after going through severe trauma.

In some cases, this tissue engineering may even save lives, as skin is our external barrier to internal infection. Burn victims frequently suffer from recurring skin infection that can travel internally and become deadly.

With lab-engineered skin, it is hoped that many of these patients will avoid infection due to intact skin being replaced (not a graft like they use now) soon after their trauma.


Body Part Transplantation

Dr. Byrne also explains that doctors will get “better at controlling the immune system” to allow for replacement parts to be grown for cancer patients, for example, so they can be fully restored and functional.

In other cases where a patient was born without a limb or has lost their face in an animal attack, these labs will be able to grow fully functional body parts to help give patients back their normal appearance.


Biologic Products

Products like these are made from tiny molecules that are “programmed” to perform specific functions in the body. One example is the restoration of movement to someone that is paralyzed.

This restoration can be accomplished with biologic products that, when stimulated with electricity, target the damaged areas of the spinal cord and repair them. The end result would be the patient walking again.

Another potentially exciting development may be prescription drug and dietary treatments that are programmed to stop cellular death (the cause of aging) to keep someone’s skin plentiful in both collagen and elastin.


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