Is Gynecomastia a warning sign for male breast cancer?

By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

What It's Like to Have Gynecomastia by A. Abraham Levin, MD | NYC & Long Island

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In an article earlier this year by The Telegraph, Ian Solano told his story about what it’s like to have gynecomastia. Many of those who are afflicted suffer in silence like he did.

He never let anyone see his chest. He hid his body under layers of clothing. He avoided being discovered at all costs. Until someone saw his “moobs”. Read on for his inspiring story.


Adolescent Gynaecomastia & Bullying

For a large percentage of sufferers, the condition begins at the onset of puberty. This condition is considered common for teenage males because it generally goes away on its own after a period of months.

For those that still have gynecomastia after two years, it is unlikely to go away on its own. High school boys have a hard enough time fitting in with their peers without the added issue of enlarged breasts.

Gynecomastia can cause withdrawal from social settings and athletic participation. Any activity where the chest would be exposed or the breast profile would be seen is avoided. Additionally, bullying sets in the moment a peer catches wind of the situation.

Adult Gynecomastia Isn’t Any Easier

In adult male sufferers, years of bullying, avoidance, and withdrawal have already set in. The psychological effects of enlarged male breasts can be almost crippling when it comes to self-esteem, dating & intimacy, getting to the gym, or hanging out with friends.

For Ian Solano, his situation was no different at age 19. Although he exercised and had built muscle, he noticed that his lean frame still showed breast fat no matter how much he worked out. Then the guys at the gym began to tease him. He described the situation as “a nightmare.”

He began to use little tricks to hide his secret: “I tried everything I could to disguise my chest: I taped my nipples down, avoided wearing light coloured tops, wore two T-shirts at once. I would definitely never go topless in public. I felt horrendous about myself and every day was a constant battle.”


Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a Permanent Solution

For nearly all patients that undergo plastic surgery to remove their “man boobs”, they feel like they have a new life. They are given the freedom to wear what they want without worry, do what they want, and be with whomever they want.

For fatty tissue removal, laser liposuction is performed to melt away the excess fat in the chest so that the breast “cup” is reduced to a normal size and shape.

Excessive breast gland tissue is gently removed by the plastic surgeon using a half-moon shaped incision along the border of the nipples. The end result is a nearly invisible scar and a masculine profile once again.

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