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Plastic surgery can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as several thousands of dollars. These costs are made up of many fees that many people don’t realize are tied into their procedures.

Understanding what you’ll have to pay for will help you financially prepare for your cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgeon Fee

Plastic surgeons base their cost on how much experience they have and the complexity of the surgery. Those who have more experience charge more than those who don’t have as much because they know people want a skillful surgeon and will pay top dollar for it. Complex procedures take more time, which means the plastic surgeon needs to charge more for that time.

Surgical Facility Cost

The surgeon often uses a local hospital to perform the procedure. The hospital charges the patient for the use of the facility. The reputation of the hospital and the length of time the surgeon needs it for will dictate how much you’ll have to pay for it.


Since some procedures involve a great deal of cutting and manipulation of facial or body tissue, nasal bones, or cartilage, general anesthesia is sometimes necessary. This means that an anesthesiologist’s time and the medication he uses have to be paid for. That cost will depend on the amount of time needed from the anesthesiologist as well as the type of anesthesia drugs needed.

Lab Tests

Before you undergo plastic surgery, the surgeon must know if you are healthy enough for it. This means you’ll have to get a blood test or other types of tests to determine it is safe to receive cosmetic surgery. The total cost of these medical tests depends on the types of tests, where you get them, and how many the surgeon requests.


Most people experience pain after cosmetic surgery. To help deal with the pain as you heal, you’ll need prescription drugs. Some insurance companies will cover these even if they don’t cover your cosmetic surgery. Check with your insurance company because paying for these medications can cost hundreds of dollars. Patients often times will also be prescribed antibiotics by their plastic surgeon as a precautionary measure after surgery.

Other Surgery Related Costs

You may need to buy gauze, cotton, garments, and bandages as you heal, and that cost is your responsibility. While it may not seem like these items will cost a lot, it can add up if you are in recovery for many days.

Some plastic surgeons charge their patients additional fees, if they want something extra during their surgery. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon if there is an added cost for what you request.

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