Back to school plastic surgery trend with teens by A. Abraham Levin, MD.

Beauty standards are changing. This isn’t much of a surprise for people like us who have been in the beauty industry for many years. However, the advent of social media has caused quite a stir in our world as well as our standards of what society considers “beautiful”.

The Influence of Social Media

Beauty standards increasing due to social media. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY in Manhattan and Commack, New York.

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Millions of people are on social networks every single day. They are looking at people’s selfies, and posting their own.

With all of these photos of faces online these days, people are changing how they perceive themselves and others.

They seem to want more from themselves because they believe others have more than they do. This has led to a movement towards self-improvement (or should we call it “selfie-improvement”?).

Increased Options for Beauty Enhancing Procedures

Besides social media causing this push, changes in cosmetic and plastic surgery have also made a difference. Since there are easier and less invasive procedures now, many people are more likely to go through with it.

Our culture is more comfortable with cosmetic and plastic surgery than they were decades ago. With this comes the fact that many more procedures are being done. This brings us to the next influence in beauty standards today: the normalcy of aesthetic procedures.

Normalcy of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

In times gone by, elite women were the only ones who wore make-up and dyed their hair to appear more beautiful. As the years went on, women of all statuses turned to make-up and hair dye to do the same.

Now, cosmetic and plastic surgery are playing a role. It has become much more mainstream just like make-up and hair dye. In the future, it’s expected that even more people will use it to enhance their features as society accepts it as a reasonable solution to improving the way we look.

Since we’re able to change their appearance so easily these days with make-up, hair-dye, and surgery, beauty standards are increasing. People are always looking for the prettiest or most handsome people to compare themselves to, even when they aren’t the same age.

As advancements in cosmetic and plastic surgery become available, people will increasingly use them to make adjustments to their appearance. It’s just the way that humans are, even from way back in time when Cleopatra made her own make-up.

The good news is that people are now incorporating health into their standard of beauty. Being healthy is beautiful now, and we love this about our industry. We help people not only enhance their beauty, but we encourage them to invest themselves into living a healthy lifestyle.

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