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The average cost of breast augmentation in 2013 was $3,678, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The cost varies greatly depending on location and the surgeon’s experience.

Many times, the surgeon has one fee, but you have to also pay for the other services needed for breast augmentation.

Understanding what you have to pay for when seeking breast augmentation is important, so you can be financially prepared. Here are the items you need to be aware of.


The anesthesia medication you’ll need has a cost. You must also pay for the anesthesiologist’s time. Anesthesiologists usually charge one fee for the medications and their time.

Hospital or Surgical Facility

The place where the plastic surgeon will perform the procedure carries a cost. A hospital facility will be more expensive than a surgical suite inside of the plastic surgeon’s office.

Medical Tests

To reduce risk during surgery, it’s important to have medical and lab tests performed. Your insurance company may not cover these medical tests. Call your insurance company to find out if it will, and if not, find out how much the out of pocket expense will be for you.

Post-Surgery Garments

After breast augmentation, you will have bandages, gauze, and for some procedures, you’ll have to wear compression garments to keep swelling down. These garments can be bought from the surgical facility or medical supply provider. The plastic surgeon will tell you exactly what you need and may even supply them to you, but you’ll have to pay for it.

Pain Medication

You’ll be in a fair amount of discomfort following your procedure. Pain medication will be prescribed to keep you comfortable. Since some insurance companies won’t pay for medication after plastic surgery, you may have to pay for it out of pocket.

One Fee for All Services

Some plastic surgeons will cover all the costs of the services for breast augmentation. This makes it easy to figure out how much you’ll have to pay for your procedure.

When you meet with a plastic surgeon for a consult, ask him how much a breast augmentation will cost and what that amount covers. That way you will know if you will end up having to pay more.

Many plastic surgeons offer financing to patients who qualify. This is perfect for people with good credit who want low interest rates, low monthly payments, and no money down.

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