What Factors Go into the Final Look of Breast Implants - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY.

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When women come into our office seeking breast implants, we often let them know there are several factors that influence what their breasts will look like after augmentation surgery.

Understanding these factors while you are researching can help you decide whether or not you’d like to move forward.

Shape, Size and Symmetry of the Breasts

When we perform an examination, we are looking for how closely the shape, size and symmetry of the breasts are to the desired results. The farther they are away from the look you want, the more difficult it will be to get them to the ideal. This is not to say that it is impossible, however, only through closer examination can a plastic surgeon tell you what you can expect from your results.

Types of Implants and Breast Tissue

The amount of adipose tissue (breast fat) a woman has and the type of implants she chooses will factor into the final appearance. If a woman has enough tissue to cover a saline implant, the result is much more natural than for a woman with a low amount of tissue (for example, a size “A” cup). It’s best to go with silicone implants in this case if you’re looking for more of the look and feel of natural breasts.

Size and Model of Implants

Choosing implants that are too large can lead to an unnatural looking bosom, but what is considered too big or unnatural is in the eye of the beholder. Some women believe a DD is too big, while others think it’s the perfect size.

It’s best to look at pictures of different shapes and sizes of breasts to determine the cup size that you want (print out pictures). You should also try on several different implant sizes in the office (bring a sports bra). The plastic surgeon can then advise you on the fill (saline or silicone) as well as the ideal size to achieve the look you desire.