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It’s not often that I see something in the world of cosmetic surgery news that catches my eye and pulls me in. Well, this particular article sure did.

A novel concept was reported by nanomedicine expert Dr. Adah Almutairi back in June 2014 to Chemical & Engineering News magazine. Here’s what gold, nanoparticles, and liposuction have in common.

How this Concept was Born

Dr. Almutairi was on her way out of the country for a vacation that would require her to be in a swimsuit for much of the time.

Having become a new mom less than six months prior, she wished for something “overnight” that could melt away those last ten pounds she was carrying.

She sighed and went on with her day. The next morning, she awoke to a new idea that kicked off a goal to improve the current liposuction techniques being used today in plastic surgery practices.

How Gold & Nanos Can Burn Fat

Dr. Almutairi thought of the existing nano particle research in the field of cancer research. Particles of gold are being injected into cancerous tumors and then an infrared laser light is being shined through the skin, rapidly heating up the tissue and effectively killing some of the cancer cells.

She wondered if this same concept could be applied to liposuction and fat removal in plastic surgery. She immediately called her brother, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

He got just as excited as his sister when he pondered the concept: melt the fat right through the skin rather than having to manually break it up (which can cause damage to surrounding tissue.

What’s best about this concept, he explains, is that the fat melts at a much lower temperature than would cause any heat damage to nerve cells and surrounding tissue. The concept could absolutely work.

The Early Experimental Phase

When his sister returned from vacation, the two doctors went to work on trying out the concept in animal fats such as butter and bacon.

They injected gold nanorods into the fat and used a laser normally used for hair removal. Sure enough, the fat melted away in under two minutes.

With what’s known as a “proof of concept” idea, the siblings took their lab results to UCSD, who helped them file a patent for their new technique, which they have called “NanoLipo”. A company called eLuxe Medical has now licensed the technique in order to begin preclinical studies.

Nanoparticle-assisted liposuction is now being practiced on animals in a lab setting is not yet available to humans. However, the CEO of eLux stated in the Chemical & Engineering News article that human clinical trials may be starting this year.

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