As always, this September’s New York Fashion Week allowed designers to show off their collections, set trends, and show the media and design world the new, exciting, and strange in fashion. This year’s show, however, also featured a somewhat different kind of show: plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s “Faces of Beauty” show, featuring examples of his own work–on actual patients.

The Show

New York Fashion Week's "Faces of Beauty" show a flop?The show itself featured Dr. Kassir’s patients, walking down the runway to a backdrop of their own “before-and-after” photos. Most of Dr. Kassir’s models were in their 20’s and the procedures they had undergone were displayed as they took to the catwalk. Many commented on the obvious confidence Dr. Kassir’s models displayed.

The Response

Despite the fact that, according to Cosmopolitan, “The real irony of Faces of Beauty was that the crowd looked like they’d had more work done than the models,” many were less than thrilled by the unorthodox performance. Fern Mallis, founder of New York Fashion Week told the NY Daily News “Fashion week is about fashion … it’s not for people to decide on what face-lift to get.”

Plastic Surgery’s Image

One possibility for the show’s lukewarm response has to do with the stigma that still follows plastic surgery, despite the fact that cosmetic procedures increase every year (especially for men, recently). As more people undergo procedures, share their stories, and walk with confidence, however, that stigma is beginning to fall away. Of course, whether or not to disclose any plastic surgery is a purely personal decision.

Surgery for Yourself

If you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s important to not let stigma or the judgments of friends or family sway your decision. Only you and your surgeon can decide whether cosmetic surgery is right for you, and giving into peer pressure can lead to regret later.

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