If you’ve been seriously considering plastic surgery, then you’ve probably already gone to several consultations or plan to do so in the near future. While you’re almost certainly prepared to discuss any prescription drugs you’re taking, you might forget to mention your daily vitamins and supplements.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), as many as 70% of prospective patients forget to mention any herbal supplements or multivitamins they’re taking. While supplements such as vitamin E and St. John’s Wort may seem harmless enough, they can cause serious complications during and after surgery.

As an added risk factor, a recent study by Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, found that plastic surgery patients tend to have a higher-than-average rate of supplement use, as compared to patients undergoing medically necessary procedures.

Supplement Usage

Warning for Plastic Surgery Patients Taking SupplementsAccording to the Journal of the AMA, around 60 million Americans use herbal supplements and vitamins, which can easily be purchased from health food stores and drugstores. The Case Western study cited that nearly half of the 200 plastic surgery patients polled took natural supplements, with an average of 2.8 supplements per person.

Most of these patients were older females, which is the most common demographic for plastic surgery. Both patients and doctors need to be aware of additional bleeding risk and the potential for other serious complications due to supplement use.

Stop Supplements Before Any Surgery

It is generally recommended to stop taking supplements two weeks before any surgery, including cosmetic procedures. Fortunately, since cosmetic surgery is not performed at the last minute in an emergency, patients have an opportunity to plan for the operation.

Be proactive and do some research on which supplements may affect you before, during, and after surgery, though it’s safest to stop taking supplements altogether (speak to your cosmetic surgeon). The Mayo Clinic’s website offers some excellent information on the supplements that are most likely to cause problems.

Talk to Your Surgeon

If you’re considering plastic surgery, be among the 30% of proactive patients and discuss your supplement use with your surgeon.  For the best of the best in plastic surgery in the Manhattan or Long Island areas, contact our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons for more information on facial and body cosmetic surgery.

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