Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a celebrity

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Many people have consulted with plastic surgeons around the world asking to transform their faces to look much more like a favorite celebrity. It is unclear whether they want to just look like that celebrity or want to experience his or her life.

In any case, being able to seek cosmetic surgery to look more like a celebrity is becoming common in the industry, and there are some interesting requests.


Superman is strong, brave, and many people would think handsome. This is probably why Herbert Chavez decided to have repeated surgeries that spanned over 16 years to look as much like the superhero as possible. As you can see in this Twitter post, Chavez achieved a close look-a-like to the star.

Jennifer Lawrence

One woman spent over $25,000 to look like Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games. What is interesting is that she told ABC News’ Nightline that she didn’t just want to look like Lawrence, but she wanted to look capable and level-headed. It might not just be about the looks after all.

Ken Doll

If you think $25,000 is too much to spend on looking like a celebrity, how about $170,000? Justin Jedlica went through 150 surgeries to look like Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. Justin has had many different surgeries including muscle and shoulder implants.


Where there is a Ken, there must be a Barbie. Valeria Lukyanova has undergone hundreds of surgeries to look just like a Barbie doll. Do you think she’s achieved the look?

Ryan Gosling

Nicholas Ryan wants to be an actor, so he wanted to look more like Ryan Gosling. He spent $5,000 to have his jawline appear more like this celebrity. Apparently, it worked. He told the Huffington Post that he went to a party and someone came up to him and said, “You have a very Ryan Gosling look to you.”

Jessica Rabbit

Remember Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Penny Brown wanted to have her body. She had breast implants put in to make her a size 36 “O” and wears a corset to make her waist a tiny 23 inches. She is now considering getting bigger breast implants.

Lady Gaga

Some people want to look like a celebrity to boost their career as an impersonator. Donna Trego is one of these people. She has spent well over $100,000 on cosmetic surgeries to look like Lady Gaga. She makes her money to afford it by working as a Lady Gaga impersonator.

Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celeb

Have you ever wished you could have fuller cheeks like Charlize Theron or a cute nose like Jennifer Aniston? For some, it’s possible turn their favorite celebrity parts into a reality.

Of course, a healthy mindset and checking with your plastic surgeon to see if the change would look good with your natural features is a must.

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