Update: Human Ken Doll Seeks More Plastic Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

For many people, plastic surgery is a way to get the looks they want. Most of the time they seek it out to make a few minor adjustments they are not happy with, such as a double chin, wrinkles, a hump on the nose, or excess fat in “trouble spots”.

Cosmetic enhancement is oftentimes seen as a cure to helping people look younger, removing unsightly appearances, or a solution to losing stubborn fat. However, there are many who take this idea to the extreme, perhaps, even to a dangerous level. There are a number of celebrities - past and present - that have shown us how vanity can go overboard. Some would say this is the case with our modern day “Human Ken Doll.”

About the Human Ken Doll

Update: Human Ken Doll Seeks More Plastic Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Human Ken Doll is a human likeness of Barbie’s boyfriend. The real-life person is Rodrigo Alves. He has become famous for not only his “Ken Doll” looks but for his many plastic surgeries. In fact, Alves has had 51 procedures to his nose, cheeks, chin, lips, male breast tissue, and skin. He’s also had 105 aesthetic procedures, and has spent more than $400,000 altogether.

Alves says he is a perfectionist, but many would call this an unnatural obsession. However, Alves explains that he’s had so many procedures because he felt he never fit in. He said, “I used to be fat and didn’t fit into the Brazilian beauty stereotype, and for that reason I used to get bullied by boys and singled out at school growing up in Brazil.”

He also claimed his nose was pudgy and was called names because of it. He said his goal was to look like a Disney prince, but he feels he looks more like a doll. Therefore, he calls himself the Human Ken Doll.

Plastic Surgery Overboard?

As previously mentioned, many would say Alves has definitely gone overboard. That his quest for the perfect look has created anything but that, and that all these surgeries could be doing more harm than good.

Not only is he at risk for complications that can happen from anesthesia, but he’s also increasing his risk of being a victim of medical malpractice by going to multiple providers. The body can only take so much when it comes to invasive surgery before complications arise.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we care about our patients’ mental and physical health. We always consult with people who are seeking plastic surgery (one or many) to ensure it is a safe decision.

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