This month, a pudgy pup from Portland, Oregon underwent the first tummy tuck procedure that has been performed on a canine.

Obie, a 77 pound dachshund underwent a startling weight loss after one of his owner’s relatives convinced them to let her take the plump pooch under her wing.

With his new caregiver’s undivided attention and years of veterinary experience, Obie dropped down to 37 pounds and was left with a whole lot of extra skin.

A Portland vet performed a cosmetic procedure on the dog that is normally only reserved for human beings. The operation removed about two pounds of wrinkled and excess skin from the dog’s entire body.

Obie’s owner said that the dog is recovering just fine.

Tummy Tuck for YouTummy-Tucks-for-Dogs

Summer is right around the corner. If you’re anything like Obie and have lost a lot of weight and want to show off your brand new body without unsightly loose and hanging skin, a tummy tuck could be the right procedure for you.

Tummy tuck procedures have been proven to raise self-esteem, body image and make you feel and look years younger.

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