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Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have opened up their lives to the world. Their reality show “True Tori” is as raw as you can get. It shows the ups and downs of their marriage from the struggle of caring for their children to their intimate connection.

What we found to be interesting were the many references on the show to Tori’s breast augmentation. Throughout the season, there have been many comments made about them, which have affected Tori greatly.

The Age of Breast Implants

There was one instance in which Dean stated that Tori’s breasts were “old and recalled.” He said this because her breast implants were 15 years old.

Tori’s friend also confronts her about the subject saying that Tori should be more afraid of dying. While breasts do need to be replaced after a few years, the best person to tell someone that she needs a replacement is a plastic surgeon.

If you had your breast augmentation with silicone implants more than 10-15 years ago, you may want to reconnect with your original surgeon or start the process of finding a new surgeon to consult with.

Natural Breast Tissue is Essential

Tori did end up seeing a plastic surgeon eventually. What she heard was not exactly what she wanted to hear. The plastic surgeon remarked, “It’s going to look a little pancake-y.”

What the plastic surgeon meant was that she doesn’t have a lot of natural breast tissue, so removing the implants would likely cause a flattened look. Breast fatty tissue is what gives breasts their volume, shape, and size.

Over time, skin loosens with age, and that means breasts will begin to sag. When you combine very little breast tissue with loose skin, it may result in an appearance of “pancakes” for breasts.

This situation is not hopeless, of course. An experienced plastic surgeon can perform a breast lift to raise the breasts up to a more youthful position, and then insert saline or silicone breast implants. This will result in breasts that are full, firm, and at the height they were before age related skin effects occurred.

Looking for a New York Plastic Surgeon?

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