Feeling better about the way you look can set so much positivity into motion. From boosting self-confidence and bringing relief to being more outgoing and happier.

If you’ve been interested in plastic surgery, you probably have very good reasons for looking into a life changing procedure. But before you dive in, it’s important to take a look at how other people feel after having the same procedure.

Here are some current “100% Worth It Ratings” from RealSelf.com for plastic surgery on the face & body.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Ratings

100% “Worth It”: Sinus Surgery. This procedure restores an open airway through the nostrils and allows for air to freely pass through the nose once more. It is ideal for people who have sustained an injury to the nose, specifically to the nasal septum.

Sometimes referred to as “deviated septum repair surgery”, the thin membrane that separates the nostrils can become twisted, bent, or even perforated (ripped). Sinus surgery straightens out the septum.

Often times, patients will also have bony structures of the nose repaired during this procedure or opt for cosmetic alterations while under anesthesia.

100% “Worth It”: Eyelid Retraction Repair. Patients with thyroid eye disease or those who have either been disfigured by an accident or have been burned usually consider this facial surgery. In some cases, a prior facial surgery may even require this corrective procedure.

Retraction repair helps the eyelids (upper or lower) to close all the way. When the eyelids do not close completely, it can cause a host of ocular issues including persistent eye infections. In some cases, skin grafts may need to be used if too little tissue is present.

Body Procedure Ratings

100% “Worth It”: Vaginoplasty. In this procedure, the opening of the vagina is tightened along the vaginal wall. This procedure is very popular after childbirth and oftentimes can be included in a “Mommy Makeover”, which can also involve labiaplasty (external vaginal surgery), abdominoplasty, and breast surgery.

100% “Worth It”: Inspira Breast Implants. The Inspira breast implant is made by Natrelle® and offers hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and textures for a “customized” breast augmentation. They are filled with silicone gel and have a very natural look as compared to other types of pre-shaped implants. For women with small or asymmetrical breasts, as well as those that have lost volume after nursing, these implants are ideal.

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