Fashion Week doesn’t just set clothing trends–the models are also perfectly styled, coiffed, and made up. These runway looks often make it out onto the street, and with this year’s styles and lipsticks showing a variety of diverse looks, there’s something for everyone this fall.

Read on for the hottest styles and makeup trends for fall 2013.

Unique Braids

Braids have been in style for quite a while, but this season they’re getting especially playful and unique, with interesting variations, patterns, and textures. Some of Fashion Week’s braids consisted of creative cornrows, French braids, and knots.

While these looks might be too complicated for an everyday style, they’re great for special occasions. For a trend-setting hairstyle at your next black tie affair, try a holiday updo with braids interwoven into your mane.

Textured Hair

Everything comes back in style eventually, and this fall it’s textured hair, reminiscent of the 70s. Be prepared for big hair with lots of personality. If you’ve got thick, curly hair, now is the time to let it loose!


Good news for those of us who like to roll out of bed just before the morning commute: ponytails are back in style! Not limited to the simple pull-back, however. The ponies on the runway this year ranged from sleek and sassy to slouchy. Try a few of these face-complementing ponies this weekend!

Cat Makeup

Dramatic eye makeup reminiscent of cat eyes is all the rage this season. Models on the runway looked sleek and sophisticated in dark eye shadow and eyeliner, perfect for a fall evening out.

Sparkly Eye Shadow

It may seem ostentatious, but adding a little glitter to your eye shadow can add a touch of fun to a usually-subdued fall look. Keeping the rest of your makeup simple will really help this trendy feature stand out.

Natural Makeup

The opposite of most of the other makeup trends, some designers stuck with fresh, beautiful, minimalistic looks for their models. This trend is fantastic for letting your natural beauty shine through. The bonus? Natural makeup is quick and easy.

Bright Shades

Neon shades made the runway rounds this year. Lime green eye shadow and eyeliner, hot pink lips, and other neon pops of color made bold statements. Think you’re bold enough to give this a try? These neon shades really stand out when under black lights (try some neon lipstick next time you’re in the clubs).

Looking Your Best by Helping Mother Nature

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