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Summer is almost here. Are you ready? Now is the perfect time to get the body you want for the beach and pool. No need to worry about not having enough time!

With SmartLipo, you have plenty of time and can take advantage of so many of the other benefits that come with laser liposuction.

Benefit #1: Lose Inches

SmartLipo is tumescent liposuction that uses laser technology to melt the fat away. As part of the procedure, the fat underneath the skin melts away and is permanently removed. You will be able to see multiple inches lost as soon as you remove the bandages! Full healing can take several months.

Benefit #2: Tackle Trouble Spots

Laser lipo can be used on many areas of your body. You can get rid of stubborn fat from your chin, arms, abdominal area, thighs, buttocks, and more. When exercise and diet don’t do enough to tackle those trouble spots, turn to minimally invasive laser liposuction.

Benefit #3: Tighter Skin

Not only do you lose inches and get rid of trouble spots, you will also see that your skin is tighter. Due to the gentle heat in the laser fiber, Smartlipo causes the collagen under the skin to tighten during the treatment process. This will leave behind leaner, tighter, smoother skin!

Benefit #4: Quick Recovery

Recovery takes much less time as compared to traditional liposuction. Many women are amazed at how quickly they are able to get into a bathing suit on the beach or pool deck following the procedure.

This is because Smart Lipo treatment only needs a small area to enter the fat layer of the skin. This leaves a tiny mark on the body that will fade over time and no stitches are required! Most women experience only minimal bruising and swelling from the procedure.

Benefit #5: Less Expensive

Since laser liposuction is less invasive than traditional lipo, no general anesthesia is needed. Local anesthesia costs much less, so you can save a lot of money when compared to the cost of traditional liposuction with general anesthesia.

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