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At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we believe patients should be well informed when making a decision about seeking plastic surgery. This is why we offer free consultations to all our prospective patients.

Many times, when people come in for their consultation, they do not know what to ask. To help future patients receive the knowledge they need, here are five questions to ask.

#1: What is your experience in performing my type of surgery?

Plastic surgeons can have various levels of experience. Some have been in practice for a couple of years, while others could be well into decades of practice. As in everything, those that have more years of experience will have a higher skill level. This is what you want to look for, so you can feel confident that the surgeon knows what he or she is doing.

It is also important to listen for the words “board certified.” These surgeons have sought extra training and have met specific standards outlined by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

#2: How much will the procedure cost and are there any additional fees?

Plastic surgery comes with a few different fees attached. You’ll need to pay for the surgeon’s time, the facility where surgery is performed, anesthesia, and post-op garments. Understanding the breakdown of what you’ll be responsible for will help you financially plan for it.

#3: What is the recovery time?

Going back to work, exercising, and other activities can hurt you if you start them too early after surgery. Knowing how long recovery will take will help you plan accordingly. Always get this information from your surgeon and don’t take chances by short-cutting recovery time.

#4: Do you have before and after pictures?

Being able to see what other patients have experienced will give you a better idea of what to expect. Most patients are fearful of the unexpected, and looking at images can comfort them.

#5: What are the risks?

By knowing what you need to do before the surgery to lessen the risk, you will have a higher chance of having a positive surgical experience.

Ask These and Other Questions at a Free Consultation

Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons are ready to sit down with you to answer all of your questions. Call us today at our Manhattan or Long Island office and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your desired procedure.