Not being able to get the time off work for recovery is one of the reasons many people do not follow through with plastic surgery. Since vacation time is usually used up to spend time with family and friends, that leave is sometimes unavailable.

Sick time is what many people end up resorting to, but it’s not always easy to use. The following are three excuses to tell your boss to get time off for plastic surgery recovery.

#1: Lull in Business

3 Excuses to Tell Your Boss for Time Off after Plastic Surgery - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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For those of you who are paid hourly, it may make your boss happy if you bring up the fact that things are slow. Find some people who are able to fill in for you for the week, so your boss doesn’t have to worry about finding someone to replace your shifts.

You can then tell him or her that you realize budgets have been tight, and you wouldn’t mind the time off if that would help. Telling your boss you’ve already found people to take over anything that comes up will make it even more likely that he or she will agree with you.

#2: Work from Home

Working from home is possible nowadays, and some bosses encourage it to cut down on costs in the office. Consider bringing this up to your boss to see if there is any interest. If you’re lucky, this might be something you could end up doing more often, even after you recover from plastic surgery.

#3: Come Clean about Plastic Surgery

As much as you may think your boss will be against the time off you need for plastic surgery, it’s worth just being truthful with him or her. You may just be surprised; many bosses will agree to the time off, as long as you have sick leave.
The bosses who are most agreeable to plastic surgery know that people who are happy with the way they look are more confident, and that can lead to increased productivity in the workplace, especially if they work with the public.

Planning for Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery?

If you’re trying to plan for plastic or cosmetic surgery, you likely want to know how long recovery will be so you can gauge how much time off from work you’ll need. The best way to find this out is with a free consultation. Our plastic and cosmetic surgeons are available throughout the week and on Saturdays to answer all of your questions. Contact us today at our Manhattan, New York or Commack, Long Island office.