Tip Rhinoplasty May Be Exactly What You Need by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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Many people believe they need a complete rhinoplasty procedure even though they just want a small adjustment to the tip of their nose.

If that’s you, we have some good news for you. A tip rhinoplasty may be just what you need.

A full nose job procedure usually addresses several anatomic parts. This includes the tip, bridge and radix. However, some people do not need work on their bridge, radix and other parts of the nose. All they need is the tip augmented.

Tip rhinoplasty just alters the tip of the nose. By altering the lower lateral cartilage, a plastic surgeon can change the projection of the tip. This is how far the tip comes off the face. By adjusting this area of the tip, you can alter how close to the face or farther away the tip is situated.

A plastic surgeon can also rotate the tip of the nose. Some people may have a nose tip that points down, up, or to the side. That can be corrected so that it points in the direction that brings balance to the face.

The width of the nose tip can also be changed. Some people would like it to be wider, while others like it narrower. What many people may consider is the vertical height of the tip, which is the length from the top of the tip to the bottom. You can have that lengthened or shortened to achieve the look you’re after.

Many other alterations can also be made with tip rhinoplasty, so speak to our facial plastic surgeons to find out what can be done to give you the nose you’ve always wanted.

Procedures for Tip Rhinoplasty

Two approaches for tip rhinoplasty include external (open) and internal (closed). With external, the plastic surgeon will work on the tip by making incisions on the outside of the nose and small ones inside of the nostrils.

With internal incisions, the plastic surgeon makes all of the incisions inside of the nose. While you may think that the internal procedure is better, your plastic surgeon will decide which procedure is best to achieve the look you want.

Contact Our Facial Plastic Surgeons for Tip Rhinoplasty

Our nose job surgeons have performed many tip rhinoplasty procedures. They can alter your nose’s tip to give your nose a better appearance and bring balance to your facial features.

Call us for a free consultation to learn more about this procedure and see our many before and after pictures for a better idea of the results you’d like to have.