5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty. 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty.

Some people who come in for rhinoplasty surgery haven’t thoroughly considered everything before making their decision. We believe that every patient should be 100% ready before getting plastic surgery.

To help those of you who are researching and considering a nose job, here are five things you should know before getting one.

#1: The Perfect Nose Does Not Exist

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty. 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty.

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Even with plastic surgery, no one can attain perfection. This is because there is no such thing as a “perfect” body part. Think about it; what is considered a perfect nose, and what makes it perfect?

If you were to ask a thousand people, you would probably get a thousand different ideas about what constitutes perfection. Since “perfect” means that nothing needs to be changed, you can’t have more than one idea of what the best nose looks like. Hence, there is no perfect nose.

#2: You Will Be Bandaged After the Procedure

Many patients say they look like a mummy after the procedure. The bandages keep the splint at the bridge of your nose, and you’ll have drainage, so there will be gauze and a pad strapped to your nose to absorb it.

#3: You Can’t Wear Sunglasses for a Month

If you love your sunglasses, you’ll have to end your love affair with them for at least a month after the procedure. The bridge of your nose needs to heal completely before you wear them, or it may affect your final results.

#4: Many People Won’t Notice

Many patients have the notion that when they remove the bandages and expose their new nose to the world that everyone will exclaim how beautiful they look. The truth is, most people won’t notice.

This brings up a good point, though. You should only get plastic surgery for yourself. You should be the only one who wants the change, and the differences you notice should make you happy. It doesn’t matter what others think.

#5:  It Takes Some Getting Used To

After removing the bandages, many people are extremely happy with their results. However, there are some people who are disappointed because what they see isn’t exactly what they had pictured in their mind.

Often times, this is because the nose hasn’t finished healing, so there’s swelling that makes it look different. Other times, it’s just because the nose looks different and they aren’t used to it yet. After a while, most patients get used to seeing their new nose, and they usually are very happy with it.

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