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© MarcoBagnoli Elflaco – Fotolia.com

Last week, the television network E! announced they will continue the reality show Botched for a second season. By August 17th, which will be the first season’s finale, the show will have shown over 20 surgeries and procedures.

It’s become a huge hit among reality TV fans and people who are just interested in the restoration part of plastic surgery. The series identified with many people who are searching for a way to correct plastic surgery issues.

All of the participants enter Dr. Terry Dubrow’s and Dr. Paul Nassif’s office with hope that they can finally get the look they’ve always wanted, and that’s exactly what they do for them.


Alicia turned to the Botched doctors because she had what was described as a “uniboob” from having breast implants that were too large for her petite frame. The doctors removed the two large breast implants, and successfully replaced them with two smaller ones.

They made some other minor adjustments, and, when she awoke, she had two well-shaped (individual) breasts that looked like what she has always wanted.


Michelle was a car accident victim who suffered extreme damage to her nose. Her nose was collapsed so badly that even a toothpick wouldn’t fit inside of her nostrils. The doctors were able to correct her nose structure and external tissues so that it looked and felt like a functional, beautiful nose.

These are just some of the people you’ll see on the new reality show Botched. It airs on Sunday nights on the E! network, so check your local listings and see if you like the show.

How Botched Helps Plastic Surgeons

Botched has brought the need for reconstructive plastic surgery to light. Many people, like Alicia, are sometimes ashamed to seek additional plastic surgery.

For example, Alicia didn’t want to confess to her father she needed her breasts redone because he had paid for them, but her emotional and mental health depended on getting them done right.

This show demonstrates that while you may not want to seek another plastic surgery, sometimes that’s the best thing you can do, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Having surgery performed by a highly-qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon ensures you get surgery from someone with the vital knowledge and experience in the specialized cosmetic procedure you’re seeking.

If you’re interested in having reconstructive plastic surgery to correct a past “botched” procedure, contact us for a free consultation. We have offices in Manhattan and Commack, Long Island for your convenience. Our surgery center in Long Island is AAAHC accredited.