With hit shows like The Biggest Loser & My 600lb Life showing how hard work and dedication can pay off, more people than ever are turning to diet, exercise, and even gastric bypass surgery to accomplish their weight loss goals.

Some surprising side effects of weight loss, however, have recently been documented. More people are coming out with their stories of emotional and physical issues that have risen from their extreme weight loss.

Still Feeling Like You’re Living in Your Bigger Body

Why Steroids Cause Gynecomastia By A. Abraham Levin, MD

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In an article in New York Magazine, several people charted their weight loss journeys. To their surprise, getting smaller didn’t necessarily equate to feeling better about themselves.

One person interviewed for this article, John Janetzko, explained that he has found himself even more aware of belly fat and often wonders if he hasn’t done enough, even though he has lost 120 pounds and is now down to 166.

Many people, including Mr. Janetzko, also report being unable to see themselves in the mirror at the new weight. He explains that the mind still sees an overweight person rather than a “thin or fit person” when he looks in the mirror.

For the morbidly obese who lose hundreds of pounds after gastric bypass surgery, many report still turning to the side when walking through doorways and to shifting their weight when they walk as if their body was still morbidly obese.

Cosmetic Issues After Extreme Weight Loss

Since the body isn’t meant to carry extreme amounts of extra fat, the reversal of this process can be less than desirable when it comes to results. For example, extra skin can remain, causing clothing to look lumpy or to require wearing a larger clothing size to accommodate the added inches.

Additionally, fat may not always come off in a uniform manner all over the body. For men, fat tends to remain on the abdomen and waist while women may experience stubborn fat in even more areas:

  • Back of the arms
  • Bra strap area (upper back & armpits)
  • Waist & tummy
  • Hips & thighs

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