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Breast implants have been around for decades and are still the most commonly performed breast enhancement surgery.

But what about getting an enhancement that uses 100% natural material and allows you to have real breast tissue?


Benefits of Fat Transfer to the Breasts

  • No general anesthesia required
  • Combines liposuction body reshaping with breast enhancement
  • Recovery is much faster than with implants
  • Customizable shape from all angles
  • Zero chance of material rejection
  • Zero chance of capsular contracture complications
  • Risk of post-op infection is greatly reduced
  • Completely scar-free procedure
  • No worry of implant replacements
  • Look and feel of real, natural breasts because they are!



One aspect of this procedure that may be seen as a disadvantage is that a one-cup size enhancement is all that can be achieved per injecting session. If patients desire more than a one-cup size increase, follow-up sessions are necessary.

The patient must also have enough body fat to remove so that fat injections to the breasts can be performed. This procedure is always done with fat from the patient’s own body and not from donor fat.

Also, it’s important to note that several months must pass between sessions to allow the newly transferred body fat to establish its blood supply and become permanent.

The cost for fat transfer is higher than breast augmentation using implants, so this may be a disadvantage for some patients. The reason? The patient must pay for liposuction as well as for injection of the purified fat.

If the patient desires more than a one-cup size increase, she will have to pay for cryostorage of her liquefied fat in between injection sessions.


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