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When you think of the cities that indulge in plastic surgery most often, Beverly Hills is probably at the top of your list, followed by Miami and New York City.

RealSelf (a popular forum and plastic surgery review site) recently released data, however, that suggests interest in plastic surgery is more spread out throughout the country.

In fact, these numbers show that plastic surgery inquiries are concentrated in more than just the stereotypical metropolitan areas. So which areas showed the most interest in cosmetic surgery? This was RealSelf’s list for the highest page views by area:

1. San Antonio

2. Oklahoma City

3. Austin

4. San Diego

5. San Francisco

6. Miami

7. Charlotte

8. Atlanta

9. Dallas

10. Los Angeles

11. Salt Lake City

12. Seattle

13. New York City

The Implications

While these page views cannot determine how many people actually undergo plastic surgery procedures, it does reveal some surprising information about where people are most interested in cosmetic surgery.

Fortunately, there are many plastic surgeons throughout the country with the qualifications to perform a wide range of procedures. At our offices in Manhattan and Long Island, we offer patients a range of popular plastic surgery procedures and treatments by our acclaimed plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

Some procedures we offer include:


A gentle laser liposuction technique that is best for resolving stubborn problem areas to sculpt the body, SmartLipo can be done using local anesthetic and involves a short down time of just a few days.


A very popular and dramatic procedure, rhinoplasty (nose job) involves reshaping the nose to achieve facial balance and harmony. It can greatly improve the patient’s self esteem and aid with breathing problems such as deviated septum repair.

Tummy Tuck

A great choice for moms, the tummy tuck is perfect for resolving excess fat and skin in the abdominal area and bringing separated stomach muscles back together. Tummy tuck surgery is best for women who are done having children, as subsequent pregnancies could undo the results of surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Affecting up to 50 percent of American men, gynecomastia (commonly known as male breast enlargement) is a condition that often causes poor self-esteem and other emotional turmoil. Our doctors are experts at treating this problem using male breast reduction surgery, which involves liposuction and excision of excess breast gland tissue.

Fat Transfer

A cosmetic surgery procedure that produces natural results, fat transfer involves harvesting unwanted fat using liposuction, then purifying and processing the fat to create a completely natural material that can be injected into the face, buttocks, or breasts to add or restore volume. As an added bonus, adult stem cells from the patient’s own fat can be banked for future use in potential medical treatments.

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Our surgeons offer stunning results and first-rate care at our Commack, Long Island and Manhattan, NYC offices. To schedule your free consultation, call us today and see what we can do for you.