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Some patients come into our office for a free consultation and the first thing they say is, “My significant other wants me to have plastic surgery.” As soon as we hear this, a red flag goes up. That’s why we’d like to discuss this topic here.

How People Push Their Lovers to Get Plastic Surgery

The Only Person Who Should Decide to Have Plastic Surgery Is You. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in Long Island and NYC.

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When someone tells their partner that bigger breasts or a rounder buttocks would make them more desirable, it makes the person feel inadequate. It can greatly diminish his/her confidence and self-esteem. In time, this can wear on the relationship, even causing it to end.

In order to save their relationship, some people will take what their significant other says and make it what they want. We can often tell when this is the case because a patient will bring their significant other to their consultation and most of the talking comes from the significant other rather than the patient.

Even in cases in which patients do all of the talking, there are often some remarks that come from the significant other that can send up red flags that it’s really what he/she wants, rather than what the patient wants.

Why It’s Not the Best Choice

When you decide to get plastic surgery because someone else wants you to, it has a high likelihood of leaving you dissatisfied. After all, it’s what someone else wants, not what you want.

Your significant other should love you for who you are inside and out. He/she should not want you to change your appearance.

In a recent news story, there’s speculation that Kris Jenner is encouraging Corey Gamble to seek plastic surgery. While Corey may want to do it to make Kris happy, what happens if they break up? Corey may be regretful that he made the decision to have plastic surgery.

The Decision to Have Plastic Surgery

This is why it is crucial that when you decide to have plastic surgery, you do it for yourself. No one else should be pushing you to do it. This is a personal decision that only you should make to improve the way you feel about yourself, not improve the way someone else feels about you.

As much as we love performing plastic and cosmetic surgery on patients, we never want to do it if the patient isn’t 100% sure. This is surgery, and it is one that can change the way people look for their entire life.

People must truly want the changes to their appearance that they are requesting, or they may end up dissatisfied for the rest of their lives. We don’t want that to happen to anyone.

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