SmartlipoTM is growing in popularity every day for its diverse benefits and fantastic results. The reasons we prefer laser lipo to other types of liposuction are numerous. In this post, we’ll discuss the multiple benefits of SmartlipoTM.

Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite

Laser Liposuction & Tummy Tuck

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Cellulite produces a lumpy, bumpy look to the backside of the thighs and buttocks. For most women (statistics say about 90% of us), cellulite is a reality. Unfortunately, it can worsen with age or weight gain.

Laser liposuction (also called laser lipolysis) can remove inches of excess fat from trouble areas where cellulite accumulates. The laser fiber gently melts away the fat and tightens the skin, producing a smoother skin surface. This smoothness allows for cellulite to appear less prominent.

Reshaping Problem Areas

Problem areas are those that do not respond to diet and exercise. Even patients at a normal weight can experience issues such as saddlebags, a tummy pouch, or bra strap fat. Whatever areas you’re having trouble with can be resolved with laser liposuction.

With the laser, you get the benefit of being able to treat even the smallest of areas such as the calves, knees, ankles, and chin. Of course, larger areas can also be treated and are highly effective for reducing inches and reshaping the figure.


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

We are seeing a growing number of patients that reward themselves with SmartlipoTM for a job well done after getting to their goal weight. The added benefit of this reward is that it requires patients to maintain their current weight and healthy lifestyle to continue looking great.


You’ll Be Ready for Summer

Springtime is the perfect season for getting laser liposuction because it is gentle. This benefit allows for patients to heal quickly from the procedure with very little bruising, post-op discomfort, or time off from work.

In fact, healing times are so good that most patients are ready for swimsuit season by the beginning of summertime if they have surgery now! Ready to plan your tropical summer getaway?

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