When you make an appointment for a breast augmentation consultation in our NYC or Long Island offices, one of our plastic surgeons will ask you many questions including whether you would like a high profile or standard profile breast implant.

The Difference Between High Profile and Standard Profile Breast Implants - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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About High Profile Breast Implants

These implants are filled with silicone gel material or saline solution. It is your choice, and usually people make a decision based on how each one feels in their hands. The good news is the profile can be offer the same look with either type. With a high profile breast implant, your breast will be tall when you lay down. If you think about how natural breasts fall to the sides or simply lay flat on the chest when you lie down, the high profile implant allows the breast to stand higher.

About Standard Profile Implants

Standard profile implants look more like natural breasts. When lying down, the breasts will fall to the sides slightly (depending upon the cup size). The difference is that since your cup sizewill be bigger than you are now you’ll notice more height to them. Their height and width are much more like natural breasts with this type of implant.

How to Make the Decision

It can be difficult to make a decision because it’s based on personal preference. Some women don’t like when their breasts fall to the sides or look flat when they are on their back, while others don’t care.

One thing you can do to help you decide is lay on your bed holding a mirror. If you like the way your breasts fall now, you probably want to get a standard profile. However, if you wish they would be more erect, choose the high profile ones.

If after doing this, you’re still unsure, make an appointment with us. We have free consultations available with our cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Manhattan and Commack, Long Island. You can arrange a consultation during the day or evening Monday through Friday or on Saturdays. We can show you what your chest will look like with either high or standard profile implants, which will make it much easier for you to decide.

Breast augmentation can change how you feel about yourself. Make a decision you will be happy with by turning to the experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.