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Many people come into our offices in Commack and New York City for a free consultation. One of the first questions they ask us is what the difference is between a brow lift and eye lift. This is a very good question that deserves some attention on our blog.

What Is a Brow Lift?

The brow should rest at the same level of the orbital rim (the bony socket where your eyeball is located). As people age, the brow can sag. This area can fall down, leaving the eye looking smaller, almost hidden.

A brow lift raises the area above the eye (where the eyebrows are located). You can see a little of what a brow lift can do if you stand in front of a mirror and lift your brows up without changing the expression of your face.

What Is an Eye Lift?

An eye lift, also called blepharoplasty, rids the upper and/or lower eyelid of loose skin. The eyelids can appear “loose” or “saggy” as people age. In severe cases, it can weigh heavy on the upper eyes, obscuring the area and even interfering with the person’s eyesight. Lifting and removing the excess skin allows the eyes appear youthful again.

An eye lift is done for cosmetic reasons and to help older people see better. Blepharoplasty patients absolutely love their new look after having this procedure. They also notice their eyes look brighter, which adds to their new, more youthful appearance.

How to Decide Which Procedure Is Right for You

When you lift your brows in the mirror, if you don’t see a change in the size of your eyes, it’s likely you don’t need one. If you notice, however, that your brows make your eyes open much more, that may be the culprit for your eyes looking smaller than they used to.

A plastic surgeon is the right person to ask whether you need a brow lift or eye lift. They can tell you what would help open your eyes more and give you an idea of what you’ll look like after the procedure.

Ask Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York About an Eye Lift or Brow Lift

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