The Confidence Files #6: “I Just Want My Old Body Back” - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

Many new mothers come into Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York wanting to get back their pre-pregnancy body. They’ve dieted and exercised, but their midsection is still not back to the way it was before.

Many of them are feeling down. They admit to having experienced some post-partum depression, but most feel they have it under control. Some are on anti-depressants and seeking therapy, while others are taking medication and/or doing counseling.

It’s good to know they have sought help prior to coming in to make changes to their body. Sometimes, we must turn prospective patients away because we know they are searching for help as a result of depression, and plastic surgery isn’t the right answer.

For those who have already been professionally treated for depression but continue to feel bad about their midsection, we can help them with Smartlipo™. This is what we did with a recent patient whom we will name “Jodi.”

Jodi had three children. She was slim, but her midsection had a layer of stubborn fat that wouldn’t shrink down. She was an avid runner and lifted weights three times a week. She believed the only way to get rid of it was with laser liposuction. Her confidence was low, and she expressed that her reason for coming in was, “I just want my old body back.”

About Smartlipo

The Confidence Files #6: “I Just Want My Old Body Back” - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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We use a laser to target fat in problem areas, such as in the abdominal area. The heat from the light energy melts the solid fat, and then we remove the liquefied fat by suctioning it out with a tiny cannula. The body naturally removes any remaining destroyed fat cells that weren’t suctioned out. This means that while there are immediate results, the final (even better) appearance won’t be seen until all of the fat cells leave the body.

The added benefit of using this technique is that it tightens the skin. This leaves behind not only less fat, but a tightened appearance in the midsection.

With a newly sculpted and toned figure moms often feel much more confident in the way they look.

Jodi’s Results

Jodi came in for her post-op appointment with the biggest smile on her face. She proudly stood in the middle of the exam room with her shirt held up to show off her beautiful abdominal area. She thanked me repeatedly, and all I could do was smile in return.

Laser Liposuction in NYC or Commack

These are the moments that make working in this industry worth it. If you’re seeking to reduce fat in your belly (or just about any other body area) and tighten the surrounding skin, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. We have two offices: Manhattan and Long Island. We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call us for a free consultation today at 212-206-0023 or 631-499-1831.

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