The Confidence Files #5: “I’ve Never Been Intimate With Anyone” - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

Recently, I consulted with a beautiful woman. I immediately noticed her shapely figure when she walked into the office and wondered why she was in my office. We will call her Susan.

When I asked her what she had come in for, she confessed that she had zero confidence.

“I’ve never been intimate with anyone. I can’t let them see my butt.”

When I asked her to turn around to examine her, I could see that she lacked roundness and projection in her buttocks. It wasn’t as though she was deformed in any sense. She simply didn’t have much fat in that area of her body.

Susan has a low body fat percentage. Since the curves of the buttocks are made mostly of adipose tissue (fat), it made sense that she fell short as far as curves were concerned (putting genetics to the side).

What was important in this case was not her small, flat derriere, but her confidence. She lacked self-esteem because she attached her identity to her lack of a backside.

She must have said, “Don’t look at my butt” many times when meeting someone new that she could have potentially had a romantic relationship with, which is sad to me. These words made her feel less than worthy of love, when in fact, she was more than deserving of it.

As a cosmetic surgeon, I enjoy these types of cases because it brings to light the “why” of my career choice. I make people not only improve their looks, but to also FEEL better.

Susan’s Plan and Results

The Confidence Files #5: “I’ve Never Been Intimate With Anyone” - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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While Susan had a low body fat percentage, I was able to harvest a measurable amount of fat from her thighs. This isn’t always possible with patients, and I have had to turn many away. Usually, they come back after gaining a few pounds, which is when we can move forward with the procedure.

For her Brazilian butt lift procedure, I performed a technique that I like to call “Levin’s Shelf.” With this, I insert the transferring fat to lower portion of the buttocks right where each “cheek” meets the upper thigh. This creates a shelf-like appearance that lifts the butt and gives it some “pop” and projection. The remaining fat is placed in the backside to round it out and make it look perky.

Susan came back for her post-op appointment with the biggest smile on her face. She told me that her BBL changed her life. She was more confident and had even met someone new! This made me so happy for her. It’s another success story.

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P.S. I am the only cosmetic surgeon that I know of who finishes every BBL procedure with laser liposuction for the smoothest, tightest results possible. This is how I’ve managed to make so many patients elated with their newly curvaceous backsides.

To a more confident you,

Abraham Levin, M.D.