The Confidence Files #3: “Reach Beyond Your Grasp”

Robert Browning poetically said, “reach beyond your grasp.” In my practice, I’ve seen this time and time again with patients.

Plastic surgery patients in New York City and surrounding areas are the most determined people I’ve ever met. They want to look their best while working hard to achieve their life goals.

For this week’s patient story, I want to touch on two individuals who came to see me because they wanted me to help them get back their positive sense of self.

Adam – From Behind the Camera to in the Spotlight

The Confidence Files #3: “Reach Beyond Your Grasp”

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Adam has spent most of his adult life behind the scenes as a cameraman. He has shot hundreds of hours of video for some of the best actors on television. After doing this for years, he realized he wanted to do the same. He decided to become an actor!

The only problem was his self-esteem. He wasn’t confident enough because he wasn’t happy with his nose. He believed it was too wide and long and would be a distraction to television viewers. He also worried that it would hinder his success on screen.

After a consultation with me, Adam realized he could change the appearance of his nose with a rhinoplasty. From my examination, it wasn’t a complicated case, so I was happy to do it.

After his surgery, he said, “You changed my life.” He went on to become an actor with many amazing opportunities.

Sarah – From Grandma to Grand Lady

Sarah is beautiful. She’s tall, lean, and has the sweetest persona. When I met with her, she immediately said, “I have no butt and I look like a grandma.”

As much as respect her self-perception, I want to make my patients feel as good about themselves as I do about them. After discussing the Brazilian Butt Lift, a fat transfer procedure that can remove fat from various parts of the body to boost the derriere, she decided she wanted me to do it.

Sarah’s follow up appointment was much different than our first meeting. She was smiling, confident, and believe it or not, she said she loved her butt. She said she no longer looked like a grandma!

Self-confidence is incredibly important to success. When you feel good about yourself, you believe you can do great things in life. It’s an honor to be in a position in which I can help people be successful by helping them feel good about themselves through cosmetic surgery.

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