The Confidence Files #1:

Note: Our Medical & Surgical Director and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. A. Abraham Levin, M.D., is the author of this series. He will share personal stories from the consultation room to give readers a sense of connection with the patients that he helps from day to day.

My passion has always been to help people overcome life's challenges. It's why I originally went to medical school to become a psychiatrist. While my life didn't end up leading me to that field, I often find myself tapping into that passion anyway through my conversations with patients.

Bully Victim Seeks Plastic Surgery

The Confidence Files #1: "I Just Want to Feel Better About My Body"

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Recently, I was speaking to a patient (who we will call Jennifer). She confessed that she had been bullied for most of her life because of her appearance. Her grandmother would tell her she "was too busy to have them [her children] come home crying about being bullied, and just to punch someone in the mouth to stop the bullies."

While this may not seem like the best solution, it was a common response for that generation, and Jennifer told the story sheepishly and with a nervous smile on her face.

Jennifer is now a grown woman who works with terminal patients. This career has given her new insight into what is truly important in life. Even so, she continues to feel uncomfortable in her own skin, so she wanted to do something to help her feel better about herself.

Seeking Plastic Surgery for the Right Reasons

Immediately, I knew that Jennifer was seeking plastic surgery for the right reasons. If she hadn't mentioned that she understood that there are more important matters in life and that it wasn't really the bullying, but her own views of herself, I would have referred her to a mental health professional to help with lingering thoughts and feelings concerning the bullying she experienced years ago.

However, it's obvious she was seeking plastic surgery for the reasons that many do – a yearning to improve her appearance for her own satisfaction (not for others).

Jennifer is such an inspiration. She didn't have the easiest childhood, but she overcame the challenges of being bullied, helps people at their most vulnerable time of life, and has gained incredible wisdom and spirituality because of it. She's an intelligent person, and I am honored to have been able to help her improve her appearance, so she can have as much admiration for herself as I do for her.

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