Best plastic surgeyr procedures for fall 2015 by A. Abraham Levin, MD | NYC & Long Island Cosmetic Surgeon

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By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

Fall is just a few short weeks away. The leaves will be changing colors, the air will become cool and crisp, and preparations for the holidays will begin.

Along with the comforting smell of pumpkin pie in the oven, comes the joy of wearing sweaters again and snuggling up on the couch with your favorite throw.

But if wearing baggy clothing is something you prefer for covering yourself up rather than staying warm, I’ve got some information that can help you feel more confident by the holidays.


Now is the Time to Get Ready for Holiday Events

Fall is the ideal season for procedures such as facelift, eye lift (blepharoplasty), rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction, or lift, and body contouring. The weather is cooler, so this helps make recovery time more comfortable for patients.

Hot weather can contribute to water retention and excess swelling in post-op areas. It can also make it extremely uncomfortable for patients to wear required post-op garments.


Fall Facial Plastic Surgery

For those who opt for facial surgery, it’s much easier to recover at home and stay out of the sun because summer vacations are over and family gatherings are more likely to be moved indoors.

The sun can cause a host of problems for post-operative incisions and the healing process. It is imperative that patients keep their incisions and new scars covered from the sun with sunscreen and a large-brimmed hat.

Another plus for autumn is that you can use scarves, makeup, and a new hairstyle or hair color to draw the eye away from areas of the face that have been worked on.

Techniques for shading using contour or eye shadow can be a great way to hide bruising and swelling. This can deceive everyone until you’re finished with the healing process and want to reveal your new look.


Fall Breast & Body Surgery

Breast surgery required post-op surgical garments to be worn in order to compress the area and reduce swelling. The same is true for laser liposuction patients. In cooler fall weather, a compression garment feels more like a comfortable wrap than a stifling restriction.

Breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction are all popular procedures this time of year. The kids are back in school and mom can comfortably rest at home now that summer break is over. For moms that work outside the home, this is an ideal time to take a week or two off to recover.

Body contouring such as laser liposuction is more comfortable to recover from after the weather cools down. A compression garment is needed for several weeks afterward, so it’s a huge relief to not have to worry about beach days, wearing shorts, or dealing with hot weather.

The ultimate goal with fall procedures is to look “red carpet ready” by the time the holidays arrive. Let us help you get there! Our New York plastic surgery centers are ready to book your free consultation now.